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The Concrete Society

benefits continue during the Covid-19 pandemic

Over the past few weeks, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have taken hold across the world.

Yet despite the restrictions placed on everyday life, The Concrete Society – like so many businesses in our industry – continues to operate and provide services to its members.

If you’re away from the office for day-to-day work now, remember that Concrete Society members have access to a wealth of information via our website and the Members’ Area in particular. So much of our material is available at your fingertips (including, coincidentally, ‘@ Your Fingertips’, the nuggets of free information), from advice sheets and ‘Concrete on site’ booklets, to the Concrete Vault and magazine archive.

If it’s bespoke technical information you are after, then The Society’s renowned advisory service is still on hand to answer queries. Our library team is also here to field research enquiries and those looking for general information.

We are also continuing to publish Concrete magazine each month. Harsher times posed by the virus lockdown means we have had to reduce the size of each edition but we recognise that for many members it is an important part of their contact with The Society.

For this reason too, we would like to encourage all companies within our sector to keep supporting the journal with articles and advertising. Advertising or featuring in the industry’s magazine is the best way of getting in front of your customers when you are not able to do this yourselves. Experience demonstrates that those companies who continue such activities in lean times are always those that come out the other side stronger and ready for business.

Our editorial team is ready to help you with your ‘concrete’ articles and our advertising agency will be able to you with favourable rates for your marketing messages.

And please remember that The Society is a not-for-profit organisation – all revenue received goes directly into the provision of member services.

Thank you for your continued support.

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